Green is not just a gorgeous colour that comes in so many variations; it’s also the perfect shade for a maxi dress! If you’ve got yourself a gorgeously green dress and are wondering what colour shoes to pair with it, we’ve come up with six fabulous combinations that are sure to wow any avid fashionista.

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Nude or Beige
Nude or beige shoes don’t just go with just about any colour under the sun; they also make your legs look longer, so you score there, too! The best nude shade is the one that matches your complexion as closely as possible, as this makes you look even leggier.
Silver looks stunning with a green maxi dress, and if you have a pair of sandals that are in need of a bit of an upcycle, you can even buy a bit of shoe paint and give them a whole new lease on life. Whether it’s shiny silver or matte, it will make the green of your dress pop even more.

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If you want to add a real touch of glamour to your outfit, go for gold! Whether you decide to go for strappy sandals or pumps, gold adds a touch of class, and as an added bonus, it is also a warm tone. There are plenty of different shades of gold available, and rose gold is also a great choice.
Perfect for a more laid-back and earthy feel, brown shoes work well with green, and they can be dark or light.
Black goes with everything – even green! In addition, it’s really easy to find black shoes in just about every style, so you’ll have plenty of options open to you. You can also opt for textured black shoes if you like. Whether it’s leather, snake skin or any other texture, it will add interest to your look.
Perfect for a simple, stylish and classic summer look, white goes great with a green maxi dress at AX Paris. It’s also a very versatile colour, and it can be worn for smart or casual occasions with equal success.
Contrasting colours

For a fun pop of colour, you can opt for shoes in a contrasting colour. Yellow, purple or pink will all look fabulous paired against green.