Wristbands can be used for various reasons some of which involve events that require strict security and entertainment that is intended to create fun. We leave out the seriousness today and focus on the entertainment part to have fun. We will explore some of the funniest wristbands that have ever been worn that either has most comical drawings or writings on them.   These wristbands contain what may be termed as generally amusing by most people in nature it depicts the art or the words on it. Let us find out what these three funny wristbands contain then.

  1. The Save Water Drink Wine and Beer Wristband

The phrase “Save Water Drink Wine and Beer Wristband” is common amongst party lovers and whenever they talk about drinking, you will hear one of them say the words. The words are humorous because it mocks the great water saving campaigns that have been preached by the environmentalists across the world. When a wristband bearing the same names was introduced, more fun was added because it was not necessary anymore to speak the words but show your partner the wristband, and he or she understands what you mean. Even without showing it out, the curious will read and get the joke

2.The Cool Story Bro Wristband

Sayit Bands is well renowned for its abundant supply of wristbands ranging from brand awareness to funny wristbands. Talking about the funny wristbands from this company, we will consider the “Cool Story Bro” wristband. From the words themselves, the humour can be understood by the readers who may then have to be careful not to fall victims of the sarcasm that follows disobeying the wristband. Urban slang explains the “Cool story” phrase to mean the opposite, and it is intended to reduce the harshness of telling the ugly truth.

  1. I Hate Bracelets with Slogans Wristband

From the words themselves, this wristband is funny because the wearer is denying what he or she is already doing. This mixed activity by one individual brings the humour by mixing two contrasting properties in one container and then letting one individual bear the same contrasting words. The wristband is useful in creating fun and setting the mood when with friends because it can show the funny, weird side of a person that makes the people happy. It is similar to someone saying that they hate sweets because they deem it as for the kids when with friends then but can consume a whole packet when alone.  This wristband can add a lot of fun to a group of friends who are out socializing and having fun.