This moment ends up arriving for all men: the purchase of the first suit, and when I say “buy” I am talking about buying alone, without the father, mother or girlfriend giving me a pit, even because, many times these options are wrong, after all a lot of people he thinks he knows everything about it, but the reality is different.

Knowing how to choose the first suit is important because in the beginning you will depend a lot on this suit, whether for work or for formal events and it takes some time to have an arsenal of customs in the wardrobe (if it is your need or your desire, of course) that will allow you to invest in a variety of colors and patterns, because the investment is not low.

How to choose the first suit?

In this post we talk about trim and measurements, but for those who are going out in search of their first big men suits there are still questions such as: color, fabric, patterns or number of buttons, and no wonder, all these questions are important and deserve attention, so follow the tips below:

Tips on Choosing the First Suit

  • With the marine suit you can’t go wrong, but gray is also a good option.


You can also choose to watch the video below, it brings an overview of the tips given in this post and even some additional information.

Ideal color for the first suit (or costume)

The most eclectic color is certainly navy blue: it is not too serious for a more informal event, nor inappropriate for a business meeting, for example, for this reason it is considered by many to be a wildcard. A second option would be a dark gray that I consider a color a little more serious, but as versatile as navy blue, in third place would be black, which is still successful at night events, such as weddings and graduations, but it is a little serious for daylight, although this effect can be broken with a correct combination of shirt and tie.

Tips on Choosing the First Suit

Herringbone is classy and discreet, while the Prince of Wales, the window pane and the pinstripe draw more attention

Should I buy a plain or patterned suit?

Avoid patterns like pinstripe, Prince of Wales or window pane, at the most risk a fishbone fabric (or false plain) in navy which is more classy and discreet. If this is your first suit, respect discretion, invest in more attractive patterns for when you have a wider range of options and can vary from one occasion to another.

Plain fake fabric of any kind is cool because it has an interesting visual appeal and often makes the suit look more expensive and luxurious. It is worth researching something like this before deciding what to buy.