The costume is the essential part of the dressing room of the man grandet modern size. It is a classic piece is timeless that guarantees you every time a chic style.

But given the variety of costume styles, materials, colors, patterns, rules will be many and we can quickly skid a well-dressed look if we do not know the rules. But it is not always black and white and the big or strong contemporary man can afford to break certain rules and thus create a unique and modern style. During this guide we present the golden rules that guarantee you a better choice of the costume. When it comes to the big men suits this is important now. This is the reason that you can have the best choices now. The deals are perfect and that is the reason that you can have the finer details. The truest options are there and that is the reason that you can have the best deal.

Verification of the shoulders of the jacket

The shoulders are a part particularly put forward by a good suit especially for morphologies with generous forms. The jacket should have a smooth fall that follows the morphology. It should not overflow or be too thin at this point, which would break the silhouette. Observe from behind to check that your shoulders do not fall or do not come out of the top of the sleeve of your suit jacket but are instead quite clear. The shoulder line is usually tied to the padding and shoulders (necessarily) but a good (or bad fit) will manifest between the top of the back and the armhole.

The Armhole

The depth of an armhole is decisive for the overall silhouette of the man. It should not be too narrow at the risk of being uncomfortable or too wide to the risk of thickening your figure. The right balance is when you can place two fingers under your armpit, no more, no less.

Do not forget the sleeves

Your sleeves should stop at the birth of the thumb when you have your arms along your body. The shirt should not exceed the sleeve more than the width of a finger, 2 cm maximum.

The Buttons

Even adjusted, you must be able to close your jacket. Check that buttoned, you have the space of the flat of the hand, and no more, between your jacket and your shirt.

The right length of trousers

As for the jacket length of the costume, the length of the trousers of the big size suit is part of a logic of pace, and the right proportion, in length as in width, depends on the morphology taken in its entirety (strong man or tall man). You should know that if the pants of the suit form many folds by breaking on the shoe, it is too long. Barefoot, you must not walk on it. When he wears shoes, he must not eat more than half of the laces of your laces. Note: this season, the trend is to short hems without backhand.