Buying a winter peacoat is sometimes quite a challenge. The jacket must of course be hip and trendy, but at the same time also resistant to windy and rainy days. And of course, the jacket must also keep you warm. Can we then find other jackets than those thick jackets that make you look like a Michelin doll? A few tips.

A winter peacoat must be practical

No matter how nice a winter peacoat is you must be able to move in it. In the past, you had to choose between a winter peacoat that was stylish, but did not offer any warmth at all, and a peacoat that was nice and warm, but gave you the Michelin male effect. Fortunately we have passed that time.

Choose a jacket that is wind and waterproof. But make sure that this jacket can also breathe enough. Otherwise, after a good day’s work, you will have sweat on your back. Not really nice. The length of the jacket must protect your pants or skirt when sitting.

Watch your figure

For women: a straight figure, with few curves, means that you have to choose a jacket that accentuates your feminine lines a bit more and is therefore slightly tighter. If you have many curves, it is best to choose throughput models. Those types of jackets are flattering. Choose smoothly flowing fabrics.

Although long peacoats are fashionable this year, you should also pay attention to your height. Small people usually do not look so good in ankle-length peacoats. A jacket that falls just above your knee and is tailored makes you look longer. This applies to both men and women.

The right color

Decide for yourself how long you have to do with a winter peacoat. Will you buy another one next year, or should this jacket really last for years? You can adjust the color to that. If you choose to let the jacket last for a year, you can choose bright colors such as green and yellow. Those colors are trendy this year. But if you have less budget and the jacket also has to come next year, then you better opt for a neutral color. To brighten up your outfit, you can opt for colorful accessories.

What is your personality?

It is especially important that you choose a jacket that matches your personality. Are you a softer type, or do you like a cool look? Ultimately, it’s about you enjoying the jacket and wanting to be seen in it. Whether it is a sporty, leather jacket or a warm, simple jacket, for mums and dads a peacoat that can get dirty, because you’ve romped with the kids in the snow, is always handy to have. We can then recommend that you purchase two winter peacoats.