The fashion career is not limited to women. There are a lot of men who have been able to achieve great success and become a good example and a landmark. Getting into this field is not easy, as there are many features of the male model, we included them in the following list.

Features of the male model

Models, like Mohamad Ellouis, must have a certain shape which is publicly known as the image. These are some of the features which agree with the image of a male model:

  1. Ideal Physical Structure: For the man able to determine the kind of fashion show that he will make (whether it is clothing, shoes, glasses, etc.), there are physical features that qualify the man to work as a male model such as long legs and wide jaw sculpted in an ideal manner.
  2. Big Cultural background: male models enjoy a great amount of culture, are familiar with all local and international news, and constantly educate themselves in this field through many ways, including reading articles, books, and written blogs dedicated to fashion shows.
  3. Trust in front of the camera: male models have the ability to recognize the camera, and be confident while they are in front of it for a long time. We do not mean the trust in TV shows and press interviews, but they also have the confidence in walking on the runway with consistency.
  4. Identify angles: There is a very important aspect of an ideal male model that may outweigh the power of his physical structure, namely to identify the ideal angles of photography. So, it is very important to stand in front of the mirror to know the most angles and positions that appear your physical features and do not hide.
  5. Invest time and effort: As a male model, investing time and money is especially important at the beginning. The famous models did not find themselves superior models and made a lot of money without effort, but they invested in their time (in terms of splitting it into periods of work, periods of reading, and periods of interest in public health) and also, they invested in their money to gain experience, confidence and distinctive abilities.
  6. Volunteering in free campaigns: volunteering in unpaid campaigns and advertising is one of the most important things that helps male models to get a distinctive name as male models and engrave their name as a start in this world and field.

Since 2015, Ellouis had proved to be one  of the top models today because he pays a lot of attention for being exactly like the image. He is also Mr fashiontv 2017 and still achieving a lot of successes.

So, we recommend that any man who wants to enter the fashion world and became an ideal male model to follow the above features.