Wedding bands are back in vogue, and white gold is the preferred metal for a pair of themed wedding bands, custom made, of course. The myth that having a ring handcrafted is expensive has firmly been debunked, and with an experienced custom jeweller at the helm, your concept can become a reality.

Here are a few design ideas to give you some inspiration.

Channel Setting for Diamonds

A popular design is to have small pavé diamonds on the front of the ring, and the channel setting secures the stones firmly. If you are looking for handcrafted diamond wedding bands Sydney jewellers create, an online search will bring up a list of established custom jewellers who can acquire loose stones and create the perfect pair of wedding bands.

Double Banded Wedding Rings

Two thin white gold bands with a connecting bracket that could contain a diamond would make for a really unique ring design, with rose gold adding a touch of colour. This design is great for stacking, which is very popular, and by talking to an established custom jeweller, you can explore various designs using 3D computer imaging to create the ring on a screen.

Coloured Wedding Bands

Why not have a central diamond, with an emerald, ruby and sapphire on either side? The channel setting is ideal for this as it guarantees the stones will remain firmly in place. Of course, you could use any precious or semi-precious stones, having both wedding bands the same design, and the custom jeweller can design something special. Platinum also makes for an attractive wedding band, which does not tarnish and is very durable, which is one reason platinum is a firm favourite.

Patterned Engraving

You could have a unique pattern on both rings, and there are many ways that metal can be finished, which is something to discuss with the custom jeweller, who would have many stunning images to show what is possible when looking to create a unique pair of wedding bands. There is no limit to the creativity when you design your own wedding bands, and if you need some inspiration, Google images will bring you some fine examples of metal engraving on wedding bands. You might prefer the look and feel of contemporary white gold, which is 75% pure gold mixed with silver or platinum.

Plain Rose Gold Wedding Bands

A pair of identical wedding bands in rose gold might be the perfect way to show the world that you are both joined in marriage, and with the custom jeweller, you are not limited in any way, shape or form. 18k rose gold is ideal for such a design, and regarding ring width, this is something to discuss with the custom jeweller.

Once you make the decision to have both wedding bands designed and crafted by an experienced custom jeweller, it is merely a question of choosing the right design. You can have a unique pair of wedding bands that mean something very special to you and your partner, and with your choice of metal and design, the perfect pair of wedding bands awaits.