Over the years, there have been all sorts of studies conducted about the power of first impressions and suffice to say; these effects can be well and truly felt at work.

In other words, if you can invest in yourself and convince others that you mean business during those first seven seconds, it will make a monumental difference to how you are perceived. Over time, this is only going to benefit your career positively.

As the title may have already told you, we are specifically going to focus on your fashion choices today. Like it or not, these can make or break your chances of success at work, so let’s now jump into some quick tips which can make all of the difference as you bid to progress in your career.

What’s appropriate for the job?

First and foremost, it’s all about being appropriate. If you happen to work in a corporate environment, it goes without saying that the rules are going to be completely contrasting to those who work in one of the more modern, casual offices.

Suffice to say, understanding this is the first element of perfecting your wardrobe. You might have splashed out on an utterly dapper suit, but if you are turning up to a casual office, you aren’t going to win any style awards whatsoever.

It’s all about the fit

Quite often, many of us are obsessed with the type of clothes we are buying – and rightly so.

However, something that is often underestimated is the fit. You might have the most designer wardrobe in the land, but if you turn up to work in a shirt that’s too large or small, the effect has just evaporated.

Whether you shop at Covent Garden or a less established district, make sure that you know your size. This is one of the reasons we would always advocate high-street shopping versus the online equivalent.

Subtle is best with accessories and perfume

You may have been given a brand-new perfume or cologne and are desperate to show it off to colleagues. The problem that a lot of people have is that they show it off too much.

Perfumes are great for making an impression in the office, but there are limits. If you are drowning out your colleagues with a new scent, it’s going to have the completely opposite effect.

You ARE judged by your shoes…

It’s an old saying, but trust us, you are judged by your shoes. Sure, after working with colleagues for a long period of time, the judgement might not be quite as damning. However, particularly if you are involved in an industry where you regularly have to entertain clients, investing in your shoes is crucial.

Again, this all links back to the first point we made about working to your environment. In other words, we can’t recommend any specific pairs, but whether it’s a formal office or the opposite, make sure you put plenty of your wardrobe budget towards this area.