Surprise! Wool coats can be worn in warm weather too. Wool coats are incredibly stylish, but people have their reservations about them. While shopping for clothes, and especially the elegant pieces, you want something you can wear all year round. The good news is that you can do it with a wool coat. If you are wondering how your favorite celebrity or friend manages to pull a fashionable look with wool coats, here are some tips for you.

1 Colorless wool coat

You must agree on this: It is probably the most stylish wool coat you can come across. It is versatile and can be worn in any setting. A formal dress and high heels will bring out a sophisticated look. You can wear it with a pair of denim pants for casual Fridays for work. If you want to stay warm on a night out, you can throw it over your sequin dress.

  1. Stand up collar

There are those days that you feel that carrying a scarf will be cumbersome. You don’t have to torture yourself by carrying so many pieces of fabric. A stand-up collar wool coat is a stylish alternative for scarves and the old sweaters you have in your wardrobe.

The design of the coat is meant to add you some warmth. The design is also, to some extent, casual. If you are not looking to appear too formal, pair your outfit with this.

  1. A wool trench coat

Who said you have to wear old boring sweaters in the cold weather to stay warm? If you are a lover of the long regular trench coats, you can still stick to them even when the weather doesn’t seem favorable.

A warm, stylish wool trench coat can protect you from the raging cold weather while wearing your usual outfits. A wool trench coat can be spiced up with a belt. Most actually come with their belts. They add style, bring out the curves, and also helps secure the trench coat in place.

  1. Wool Pea Coats

If you find the trench coats sophisticated, a pea coat may be a good alternative. A simple cut characterizes a wool pea cut. However, style and class have not been traded for that. It serves all the functions a trench coat does, only that it is shorter. It can be worn with anything and in any weather.

Its simplicity makes it blend with almost all outfits you have in your closet.

  1. Double-breasted wool coat

If you are looking for something strictly formal, then this might be a good choice. You can play around with the colors to reduce the formal look. It is a pretty traditional wool coat but classy and stylish.

Wool coats are very warm and cozy. However, most people tend to have problems with how to wear them. They are pretty easy to pair with other outfits. With the insights above, wool coats may as well as become your next favorites.