There are many great beauty parlours in the UK; in fact, London has some of the best professional salons in the entire world. You will find all sorts of treatments available to you such as hairdressing, facial and body massage therapy, facial cleansing, pedicures and manicures, and hair lightening, to name just a few. A relatively new service that is becoming increasingly popular is the attaching of semi-permanent lash extensions to existing eyelashes for aa full lush look.

Fixing eyelash extensions is a delicate task that takes roughly 90 minutes per treatment. Each eyelash must be stuck to your existing lashes one at a time; the salon professional will apply the extensions by using a special adhesive, and then curl up the lashes until she achieves the look you desire. As each eye has around 100 lashes, it is no wonder that this is a time-consuming endeavour that should only be carried out by a competent professional.

The benefits of eyelash extensions are they give you fuller eyelashes. You can decide how glamorous you want your extensions to look; some clients like to have long clearly fake lashes like Kim Kardashian, while others would like to go for a more natural look. Many celebrities use eyelash extensions including Cheryl Cole, Liz Hurley, and Paris Hilton to list just a few.

After around 5 weeks, your lash extensions will need replacing. This is not due to the fact they have become unattached, but rather due to the fact the real lash they were secured to has fallen out naturally. The extensions will only last as long as the natural cycle of your eyelashes, so be prepared to have them redone every five or six weeks.

When you have lash extensions applied, there is usually no need for mascara as your eyelashes already look dense and lush. That said, you can use it if you prefer to, as long as the mascara is water-based and not oil-based. In a related topic, you should not use any oil-based washes or eye shadow removers. The oil will loosen the glue that secures the extensions to your lashes causing the extensions to fall off faster than they should.

To ensure that your lashes last as long as possible, only use water-based cleansing products or water with a mild soap to cleanse your face at night. If you are not sure which creams are water based and which are oil-based, ask your beautician for a selection of suitable creams that you can use while you’re wearing extensions. Most professional salons also have products for sale that do not contain oils.

When wearing eyelash extensions, you will be happy to know that you can take a shower, go swimming or enjoy any other activities that involve water. However, you should be careful not to stand under a direct shower stream within the first 24 hours of having a lash treatment.